Wanted: Handler & Guide

We’re looking for an experienced person in both handling & guiding, as well as experience in either racing 100+ miles or overnighting for 2-4 days.

This position includes some handling responsibilities at Smokin' Ace Kennels, including fall training, dog care & daily chores.  The individual would be the sole provider for our team of tour dogs, which includes feeding, watering and scooping but also taking responsibility for their health, well-being & happiness. Thus, included in the daily chores would be  loose walks with team members, socialization, puppy walks with the youth of the kennel, recall training, etc. 

The guide position would be focused on leading our longer immersive tours, which includes Aurora tours, overnight tours and 3-day expeditions, as well as our daily 2-hr mushing tours with our sister company, Last Frontier Mushing Co-op. This would constitute 75% of the job description. 

Goal Oriented
Leadership Characteristics

Work with championship dogs, live off-grid and experience the interior of Alaska! 

When: September 1st – May 1st (Year-round position available for the right person)
Where: Two Rivers, Alaska
Compensation: Yurt living quarters & Guide pay

Please send any questions, cover letters and resumes to: smokinacetours@gmail.com

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