Standardized Kennel Management: Good for the Sport, Good for the Canine


Word on the trail has it that by the 2019 Iditarod sign-ups, the Last Great Race will implement a new set of guidelines and kennel standards for their participating mushers.   The goal of this initiative is for the betterment of the sport and improved sled dog management & care. Well, that’s an easy decision for us--Where do we sign up?

The ITC has formed an advisory committee to best represent the mushing community which includes two local Two Rivers mushers, Aliy Zirkle & Sebastian Schnulle. Some of the suggested guidelines for Best Care certification submitted to the ITC  may include the following (*official  guidelines have yet to be voted on):

Kennel Visits & Check-ups
Well-Maintained Weatherproof Dog Houses
Cleanliness of Dog Yard
Min/Max Weight Requirement
Vaccination Records
Pen Size
Tether Lengths
Socialization Requirements
Regulated Breeding Programs
Individual Dog Records
Activity Logs for Retired Dogs
Tracking of all Dogs Sold, Retired or Deceased
Maximum of # Dogs per Caretaker

We applaud the Iditarod’s initiative to uphold a world standard of dog care and will happily and easily comply to these guidelines. We look forward to representing this sport the best we can.


Alaska Dispatch News: Iditarod says it will establish dog care standards for it's competitors