The Smokin' Ace Family

The Smokin' Ace Dog Yard is comprised of many different lineages of Alaskan Huskies.  The core of the kennel are Hall bloodlines stemming from Swingley, Little, Gatt, Kleedahn and Hayashida. The vast pool of genetics allows us to have a self-sustaining dog yard of healthy & strong k-9 athletes. Some of the best canine athletes in the world.

Each dog brings a different asset to the table, whether it's the dogs forward drive, hearty appetite, or mental fortitude--It's a compilation of qualities that make a dog team successful. In the end, it takes more than one great dog to make a great team.


The Original 8

Born 4/2008 // Jake x Nugget

The first litter born at Smokin' Ace Kennels were the perfect mix of bush dog and race dog--Thick coats, strong build, with a mental fortitude of steel. Both Keeper & Dusty are retired to the puppy team here @ SAK, while the other 6 are retired around the States.  Shaggy @ Just Short of Magic, Frosty @ Ryno Kennel, Talker & JJ @ Bush Alaska Expeditions, Blondie // Montana, & Ringo // Colorado.


The Alaskan Village Litter

Born June 2010 / Lionel x Highnoon

The Beer Litter

Born May 30, 2011 / Gus x Azali

The Alaska Beer litter hail from Bartlett bloodlines and are referred to as "the hounds". Porter & Pale are both retired to the Tour Team and their other five littermates (Winter, White, Stout, Summer &  Amber) are retired with Peter Pop, a recreational musher in Two Rivers.



Born 2010 / Lugnut x Iowa



Born May 26, 2011 / Adidas x Solomon


Born August 19, 2010 / Crazy x Chen Lei


The Norse God Litter

Born May 23, 2012 // Chaos x Sparta


The "A" Litter aka Pocket Aces

Born September 15, 2014 / Koyuk x MudSlide


The "B" Litter aka Lil' Bugger's

Born May 2, 2015 / Koyuk x Salcha


The "C" Litter aka The Critter Litter

Born June 2015 / Champ x Gulo

Puppy Power

Recipe for Success: Patience, Consistency, Freedom & Love.

The Puppy Team is comprised of yearlings, but also includes puppies who have yet to be harness trained.  These guys are the future of the kennel and are set up for success.  We train and race them conservatively to build confidence and offer them experience.   We value their individuality and respect that every dog matures at a different rate, just like children.  Therefore we practice patience in order to embrace their raw potential and wait for them show us what kind of sled dog THEY want to be.  Running & training under these guidelines allows the pups to choose their own careers, with no outside pressure.  We prefer to act as guidance councilors once they're ready to take their secondary education into Sled Dog-ery seriously.  Until then, we let puppies be puppies! 

The "D" Litter

Born June 13, 2017 / Koyuk x Sansa

Dalton & Doc--Pictures arriving soon!


The "E" Litter

Born June 18, 2017 / Koyuk x Neptune


The "F" Litter

Born August 21, 2017 / Keeper x Salcha

Our first litter of Keeper pups and the similarities with the King of the Kennel are uncanny.  This was a large litter of 8 and split with a friend and fellow musher Olaf, who lives in the Bush along the Yukon River.  A very fitting home considering that is where Keeper was born and raised.


The "G" Litter aka The Little Goblins

Born September 1, 2017 / Goblin x Ace 


Puppy Trainers


Sponsor a Puppy!

Put your favorite little one through school by becoming their very own sponsor! This is a great way to start and build a relationship with one of our aspiring athletes and heightens the thrill of following the team and the young ones  through out their prestigious racing careers.  If year after year you sponsor the same pooch, when the day comes for the dog to retire, we give you first choice on whether or not you would like to adopt them and make them part of your family.  Of course we reserve the right to make them a permanent fixture on our couch as well--It's always hard to let go of our kids!