Recipe for Success

The Smokin' Ace Dog Yard is comprised of many different lineages of Alaskan Huskies.  The core of the kennel bloodlines from Swingley, Swenson, Buser, Little, Gatt, Kleedahn, King, Bartlett and Hayashida. The vast pool of genetics allows us to have a self-sustaining dog yard of healthy & strong k-9 athletes.

Each dog brings a different asset to the table, whether it's the dogs drive to always want to move forward, their seamless gait or the dogs hearty eating appetite, it all adds up in the end. It takes more than one great dog to make a great team.  

The dogs eat the best of the best and iIn turn we hope that these nutrients manifest into a team with maximum health & extreme strength.   After all, you are what you eat!

The Original 8

Born April 1, 2008 / Jake x Nugget

Six of the original eight are retired amongst various kennels and families scaling from Colorado to California and some of our local kennels in Tow Rivers as puppy team trainers!  This includes Ringo, Shaggy, Frosty, Blondie, JJ & Talker.

Alaskan Village Litter

Born June 2010 / Lionel x Highnoon

The Beer Litter

Born May 30, 2011 / Gus x Azali


Born 2010 / Lugnut x Iowa


Born May 26, 2011 / Adidas x Solomon


Born August 19, 2010 / Crazy x Chen Lei

The Norse God Litter

Born May 23, 2012

The "A" Litter aka Pocket Aces

Born September 15, 2014 / Koyuk x Muddy

The "B" Litter aka Lil' Buggers

Born May 2, 2015 / Koyuk x Salcha

The "C" Litter aka The Critter Litter

Born June 2015 / Champ x Gulo

Puppy Trainers

Puppy Power

The Puppy Team is comprised of yearlings, but also includes puppies who have yet to be harness trained.  These guys are the future of the kennel and are set up for success.  We train and race them conservatively to build confidence and offer them experience.   We value their individuality and respect that every dog matures at a different rate, just like children.  Therefore we find it to be of essence to practice patience in order to embrace their individuality and wait for them show us what kind of sled dog THEY want to be.  Running & training under these guidelines allows the pups to choose their own careers with no outside pressure.  But we'll be waiting  for them to decide which path they want to pursue and will act as guidance councilors when they're ready. Harness the dogs potential--Don't just harness the dog! Until the time comes when they decide they're ready for their secondary education in Sled Dog-ery, we let puppies be puppies! 

Click each picture below to get you fill of puppy joy!

Puppies Coming Soon!

What it takes to become a Smokin' Ace

Sled dog puppies are born to run and we try to give our Smokin' Ace pups every opportunity to do just that! Early on in life they go on many puppy walks, chasing us on four wheelers and snow machines as they get faster. By the age of 5-6 months old, the pups are harness trained by putting them in a team position and stopping intermittently over a short distance to give them praise and rewards.  These guys catch on quick! By the time they are yearlings, they are running 20+ miles and rearing to go further.  At 2-3 years old, they finally reach a mature enough level to start training and racing with the A-team.  Scroll through our future Pocket Aces and pick your favorite little one to follow down the trails!



Become a Puppy Sponsor!

Put your favorite little one through school by becoming their very own sponsor! This is a great way to start and build a relationship with one of our aspiring athletes and heightens the thrill of following the team and the young ones  through out their prestigious racing careers.  If year after year you sponsor the same pooch, when the day comes for the dog to retire, we give you first choice on whether or not you would like to adopt them and make them part of your family.  Of course we reserve the right to make them a permanent fixture on our couch as well--It's always hard to let go of our kids!

Puppy Pen