The Original 8

Born 4/2008 | Jake x Nugget |

The first litter born at Smokin' Ace Kennels were the perfect mix of bush dog and race dog--Thick coats, strong build, with a mental fortitude of steel. Both Keeper & Dusty are retired to the puppy team here @ SAK, while the other 6 are retired around the States.  Shaggy @ Just Short of Magic, Frosty @ Ryno Kennel, Talker & JJ @ Bush Alaska Expeditions, Blondie // Montana, & Ringo // Colorado.


The Alaskan Village Litter

Born June 2010 | Lionel x Highnoon |


The Beer Litter

Born May 30, 2011 | Gus x Azali |

The Alaska Beer litter hail from Bartlett bloodlines and are referred to as "the hounds". Porter & Pale are both retired to the Tour Team and their other five littermates (Winter, White, Stout, Summer &  Amber) are retired to a recreational musher in Two Rivers.



Born 2010 | Lugnut x Iowa |



Born May 26, 2011 | Adidas x Solomon |


Born August 19, 2010 | Crazy x Chen Lei |


The Norse God Litter

Born May 23, 2012 | Chaos x Sparta |


The "A" Litter

Born September 15, 2014 | Koyuk x MudSlide | Brains x Brains

Pocket ‘A’ces


The "B" Litter

Born May 2, | Koyuk x Salcha | Happy x Fortitude

The Little ‘B’uggers


The "C" Litter

Born June 2015 | Champ x Gulo | Ravenous x Drive

The ‘C’ritter Litter


The Puppy Team is comprised of yearlings & retired race dogs. Though our retirees may be a little slower, they still have strong desire & passion to run. They also make the BEST trainers, especially in their lower gear speeds! We train and ‘‘race’’ the pups conservatively until they’re 2-years old in order to build confidence and bestow invaluable trail experience.   We welcome the inherent quirkiness of each puppy and respect that every dog matures at a different rate. Training to the individual dog, rather than to a general age based performance, allows our pups to grow into their genetic dispositions naturally.  Once they're ready to pursue their secondary education in sled dog-ery, we act as guidance councilors pointing them in the right direction.  Until then, we just let puppies be puppies! 

The "D" Litter

Born June 13, 2017 | Koyuk x Sansa | Happy x Crazy

Road House Litter


The "E" Litter

Born June 18, 2017 | Koyuk x Neptune | Happy x Hungry

The Great American ‘E’clipse Litter


The "F" Litter

Born August 21, 2017 | Keeper x Salcha | Legendary x Race-y

‘F’reaks (& Geeks) Litter

Our first litter of Keeper pups and the similarities with the King of the Kennel are uncanny.  This was a large litter of 8 and split with a friend and fellow musher Olaf, who lives in the Bush along the Yukon River.  A very fitting home considering where Keeper was born and raised. They’ve been nicknamed the Freaks of the kennel because of their freakish intelligence & insane drive!


The "G" Litter

Born September 1, 2017 | Ace x Goblin | Brains x Brawn

The ‘G’eeks Litter


Yearling Trainers

Meet the teachers on the trail!