The Yukon Tuest trail runs through the roughest & coldest terrain of Alaska & the Yukon Territory. It travels through the heart of the Bush, Eagle Alaska, where Matt was raised. His mother has managed the remote eagle checkpoint of eagle for 20+ years. His father ran the Yukon quest 3-times and was one of the very first mushers to finish with a full team. Year after year the Quest would run through his hometown. One day, Matt knew he would be one of those mushers being pulled in from the cold with a string of stalwart huskies. And while he grew up mushing the Yukon river, learning how to read the river ice and braving 40 below temps, he received the best education a musher could ask for—Survival in the heart of the Yukon. This race embodies the heart & soul of both canine & musher. this is what it’s all about!

Matt is the 2nd youngest musher to win the yukon quest at 25-years old.

Matt is the 2nd youngest musher to win the yukon quest at 25-years old.

Odd Years: Whitehorse, YT → Fairbanks, AK
Even Years: Fairbanks, AK → Whitehorse, YT

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Distances & Race Schedule Approximation

YQ Schedule Approximation Smokin' Ace Kennels
YQ Distance Smokin' Ace Kennels

Checkpoints: 9 Checkpoints and 3 hospitality stops/dog drops
Average Distance Between CP’s: 110 miles
Longest Distance: 210 Miles
Mandatory Rest: 4-hrs + Differential @ Braeburn or Carmacks, 36-hrs Dawson, 4-hrs Eagle & 8-hrs Two Rivers

Start Whitehorse → Braeburn → Carmacks → McCabe Creek (dd) → Pelly Crossing → Stepping Stone (hs) → Scroggie Creek (dd) → Dawson City → Eagle → Trout Creek (hs) → Slaven’s (dd) → Circle → Central → 101 → Two Rivers → Finish Fairbanks

*Dog Drop: DD | Hospitality Stop: HS

Summits: 4
King Solomon’s Dome: 4,000’
American Summit: 3,420’
Eagle Summit: 3,685’
Rosebud Summit: 3,640’



Weather Station

Whitehorse, YT



Pelly Crossing

Dawson City

Eagle, AK




Two Rivers